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How does it work?

Our website gives you randomly generated maths questions. Because the numbers used in the exercises are randomised, you will never run out of practice questions.

As you study, the website's algorithm will work out the types of question you're good at, and which ones you need to spend more time revising. It's personalised education!

Furthermore, the algorithm will attempt to challenge you. Sometimes the website will give you exercises that you can do easily, but now and then it will generate questions that are a bit harder than what you're used to.

Reviewing your stats

The Number Academy monitors your progress, and shows you how much you're improving over time, and which topics you need to spend more time revising.

Winning Points

Every time you get a question right, you gain points. The harder the question, the more points you get. You also get a greater number points if you answer the question faster.

You can find out how well you're doing compared to everyone else on the site in the league tables. Every course has a league table, and there's also a site-wide league table. As you revise, you climb higher up the league table. You can compete with students in your school, or people across the world.